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Don't just take if from me!  Check out what coaches, players and parents are saying.

 “Coach Huber is the most passionate, dedicated, team oriented coach our son has had during his 8 years playing basketball.  He took our son who played JV in high school to the level of being recruited from schools across the country. He would be a true asset to any school looking for a GREAT basketball coach/teacher.”

David and Debbie Kravish, Parents

"Jim’s teams will never be unprepared or out coached due to a lack of work and preparation. His dedication to the program and to the team are unparalleled only by his enthusiasm and his desire to have the young men succeed at their highest levels.  He is strong in his belief and has a tremendous since of moral and ethical conduct that will make you proud he is representing your organization."

Brad Underwood, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Illinois

"Jim is not only an outstanding coach but a super impressive person.  His approach with our son and his team was to challenge them weekly to be aware and engaged in their home life, school life, and to make a constant effort in growing and building their character all through learning the game of basketball."

Kristen & Brian Maher, Parents

"I will never forget some of the things he has taught me. I never thought I would start to expect things from myself that others didn’t expect of me. I never thought that I would always be trying to help others. Coach really has gotten through to me. He wants to see every one of his players succeed and won’t stop until we reach our maximum potential."

Bo Sprague, Youth Athlete

"I have been able to observe Coach Huber first hand through his work with the MOKAN Elite AAU team. Viewing his demeanor during both practices and games and seeing his passion and intensity for the game of basketball is an inspiration to me as a coach. His teams reflect his personality in that they are fundamentally relentless on the defensive end of the floor and organized and disciplined offensively. In order to get a summer AAU team to play this way you must have the entire trust and respect of your players and it is obvious that he does."

Matt Keeley, Head Men's Basketball Coach OUAZ

"If you are looking for high ethics and morals in your new coach…you will not find a more qualified man. Coach Huber builds programs on a solid foundation and represents an organization with energy, pride, and enthusiasm. Players leave the program not just being better basketball players, but more productive human beings on and off the court."

Bob Pascuzzi, Parent

"Thank you for coaching me over these last two years.  I’ve learned many skills from not just on the court but in life too.  You’ve pushed me to be the best that I can be and I appreciate it."

Michael Cahill, Youth Athlete

"Jim Huber teaches students the values necessary to achieve academic excellence and athletic success.  He cares about the development of each individual and promotes teamwork, self-discipline, personal accountability and hard work all centered on a commitment to sportsmanship and respect for the opponent, officials and fans.  Coach uses the game of basketball to share lessons that are important in the game of life!"

Carl Clapp, Assoc Athletic Director, University of Hawaii

"I can think of no one individual who has had a more profound impact on my son to date either as a teacher, coach, or mentor than Jim Huber. I expect that one day we will be watching him on the NCAA level with my son telling his children that he played for Coach Jim."

Scott & Linda Cahill, Parents

"Jim incorporates an outstanding blend of life lessons, educational emphasis and learning the game of basketball that results in having a highly successful basketball program that not only wins games but more importantly shapes young men’s lives."

Matt Suther, Founder of MOKAN Basketball Program

"If you are presented with the opportunity for Coach Huber to work with your athlete, we'd suggest you jump at that opportunity, you won't be disappointed."

Patty & Terry Dwyer, Parents

"In my opinion, what sets Jim apart from other coaches is his integrity and compassion for the welfare of the student-athletes he’s coached over the years.  Anyone can have a passion for a sport.  But it’s a select group who has the ability to connect with the kids beyond the X’s and O’s that make for special ballplayers and, more importantly, better human beings."

Steve Kanaby, Assoc. Commissioner, Colonial Athletic Association

"Jim because of your commitment and most of all your dedication to our sons on and off the court you inspire us as parents to support you in every way we can.  You are truly appreciated as a coach, a friend and most of all a mentor to those of us who are single parents raising a young male."

Metri Rambo, Parent

"Jim possesses an excellent knowledge of the game.  He combines that with having a great rapport with his players.  He clearly commands his players respect.  Personality is a key for a person in a leadership role.  I believe this is one of Jim's greatest strengths.   Jim's teams play with great passion and execution.  This supports that he has painted a clear picture for his team and individuals of what he expects and then makes them accountable."

Jeff Rutter, Assistant Basketball Coach, Miami University

"Coach Huber offers the complete package in a coach.  He addresses the player with stunning skill and expertise developed from years of experience with team and individual training.  BUT HE ALSO ADDRESSED THE PERSON.  We spent years teaching kids the John Wooden ‘Pyramid of Success Character Program’.  He can communicate this character curriculum with the skill of a trained speaker – because he is.  Most importantly – HE LIVES IT!"

Terry Geise, Parent

Have a great experience working with Coach Huber?  We would love to hear from you!

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