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Buying Into Your Role

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

You hear coaches all the time say, “buy into your role”. As a former athlete early on I struggled with this. Looking back now what helped me with this was understanding the difference between what I want and what the team needs.

For instance when I came into college as a freshman I wanted to be the best player on my team and in the league. Now obviously I was a naïve freshman and I wasn’t even the best on our team but I was confident and I think that can be a good quality to have. Now what I finally understood was that what our team needed was not for me to be the best on our team. It was for me to be at my best every night, and that meant taking care of the basketball and getting the ball to our best shooter and scorer.

Now as my career progressed my role changed. My team depended on me to score a little bit more than I had to in the past. As you buy into your role your own goals begin to align with what your team needs. That is the biggest thing to remember. Buy into your role and your own goals will follow. You can’t pursue your own goals first and then try to buy into your role.

Three Tips That Will Help You To Buy Into Your Role

One: Ask

It is important that you understand the value of asking your coach early on what your role is on a particular team. Understanding and buying into your role will be beneficial for everyone on the team. Most people are unclear of their roles because they are scared to ask.

Two: Evaluate

You have to constantly be evaluating where you are at in your role and make sure you are doing what your team needs you to be doing.

Three: Do you like your role?

The people who are unhappy in life are the ones who aren’t satisfied with where they are at in life. If you don’t like your role, then talk with your coach to discuss how you can change or grow your role and responsibilities. Once you find out want needs to be changed, then work hard on making the improvements.

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