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Attitude of Gratitude

We live in a society where we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. There will always be another with more money, newer cars, or cooler shoes. What we often forget is that there are far more in this world with remarkable less than what we have!

There is a major difference between WANTS and NEEDS. We tend to stop being grateful for what we have in our life because we spend a lot of time FOCUSING on what we WANT. We stop saying thank you, please and you’re welcome. Something that was once a PRIVELAGE is now an EXPECTATION.

Gratitude means saying thanks to mom for making dinner after the 158th time she provides a meal, not just the 1st! Gratitude means saying thanks to your grandfather for the ride to practice every time instead of just the first time. We want to encourage our campers to be mindful of all the nice things people do for them. There are so many children that would love to have the same opportunity but unfortunately don’t get the chance based on their circumstances. You need to have an attitude of gratitude on a regular basis.

Here are some examples how you can thank someone in your life for doing something that might go unnoticed:

· THANK the custodian that cleans the bathroom.

· THANK the man/woman who drives the school bus.

· THANK the mom/dad/grandparents who drives us to school/practice.

· THANK those that cook our meals at dinner.

· THANK the teacher who leads our classroom.

· THANK the person that opens the door for you.

· THANK the waiter or waitress that brings you food at a restaurant.

· THANK the teammate who throws you the pass that leads to a basket.

· THANK the official that hands you the basketball at the free throw line or out of bounds.

· THANK the coach who spends time coaching before, during or after practice.

· THANK the manager for giving you water and towel during practices or games.

· THANK the athletic trainer for prepping you before practice and games.

· THANK the tutor for spending extra time with to pass a class.

· THANK the person shagging basketballs for you.

· What Other Individuals Can You Thank For Doing Something In Your Life?

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